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BEST Thai Cooking Classes IN Melbourne

Chef Chaloem Chaiseeha × Food Crafted with Love

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Chef Chaloem Chaiseeha teaches you the subtle nuances of making delicious authentic Thai food .

Photos by Bryan Derrick

Your Shy Thai Chef

Born in Nong Hin, a small village in the mystical North East Issan region of Thailand,

He learned at his Mother’s knees the simple values of gentleness, resolve, loyalty and truthfulness. He became a Buddhist Monk at a young age and remained in the Temple for seven years.

Chaloem’s gentle, softly spoken manner endears him to all he meets. He leads in his Kitchen through example: his instructions are quiet, patient, simple and genuine.

His staff call him “Pi Loem” meaning “older brother”. There are no shouted orders, no fuss, no cleaver throwing or criticism.

He shuns the limelight and with eyes cast down and the classic Thai “wai”, shyly accepts the plaudit from his guests and students. Meeting the guests as they dine is often an ordeal for him and his

He is always greeted with applause and thanks yet hurries back to his work as soon as he can. His food is delicate and the flavours multi-layered.

Come and share a morning of cooking and tuition with Loem and discover his cooking secrets. Were sure you'll love the class!



1300 725 232



7 Rowe St
at Paladarr Restaurant
Alphington, VIC 3078



T-Th 10a–1p
Sa-Su 9a–12p



Call 1300 725 232 from 9a – 7p daily, or book online with .
All Classes must be booked ahead of time. Maximum Class size 6